To keep costs down.  Pricing is reduced significantly when multiple jackets are ordered at the same time.  Our winter order is placed primarily for our Percussion Ensemble and Winds members, while the summer order is mainly for Drum Corps members.

Absolutely!  Email Jordan to work out shipping details. However, your jacket order will still fall in one of the two bulk orders.

Yes and no.  If you are a returning member of the drum corps, you can place an order and receive your jacket in February.  If you are a new member (“rookie”), you can place your order, but you will not receive your jacket until mid-July.

Two reasons: the first is the logistics of distributing more than a hundred staff, support and member jackets are much easier to deal with when the corps is back in town for Drums Along the Rockies.  The second and more important reason is that a member jacket is a physical representation of your status with the Blue Knights and we require you to have participated in the first half of tour before you are allowed to receive your jacket.

Yes, as long as you are on tour , participating in rehearsals, etc.

Typically, support jackets are for personnel (both volunteer and paid) such as drivers, cooks, merchandise team, admin, media, etc.  If you’re not sure if you qualify, email Jordan.

You will receive your jacket after you have participated in your first competition.

Sizing for the mens/unisex jacket can be found here.  Sizing for the ladies jacket can be found here.

Yep!  We have sample jackets at the office–they will be at the merchandise booth during the Memorial Day picnic for the drum corps (you can also order your jacket through the merchandise booth at the picnic).  For members of the winter ensembles, staff will bring them to one rehearsal before the order deadline.  Or, you can always come by the office to try one on.

This option is for someone who has an existing jacket and wants to add to it.  Members of more than one ensemble can add the second ensemble name to the back of their jacket.  Members who have one section or instrument embroidered on front can add a second section/instrument.  PLEASE NOTE: if you choose this option, your jacket will be at the embroiderers the same length of time as the new jackets.  So if you’re a drum corps vet you will turn your jacket in at the Memorial Day picnic and not get it returned until Drums Along the Rockies.

It depends.  If you request a refund before the order deadline (Jan 1/June 1) you may be eligible for a refund.  However, if the order has already been processed, we are unable to offer refunds.  In addition, if the order has been processed, you will not receive the jacket, as a member jacket is a symbol of your participation in the ensemble.

We are experiencing significant shipping delays on both inbound product and outbound orders. We apologize for the delays and thank you for understanding!