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STEP 1: Type Blue Knights Member’s first name and last name in the box to make a Tuition Fee payment.
STEP 2: Type in the number you want to “buy” this item to make your payment. Example: To make a $200 payment, you would type 200 in the amount box.
STEP 3: Click on “Add to Cart” then “View Cart” to check-out.  Our main office will notate the Tuition payment for the member’s account.

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NOTE: This is for members making their tuition payments for their respective ensemble.  Tuition fees cover all food, transportation, and housing expenses during the three months of all-days training and tour. It also includes uniforms, musical instruments, equipment, and months of detailed musical and movement instruction.

This fee is NON-REFUNDABLE and NOT TAX DEDUCTIBLE at any time.  Please refer to your specific Member Handbook for more details about the Tuition Payment process.

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