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Now is your chance to purchase props from the 2015 Blue Knights’ show, “Because…

These 4’x8′ mirrored props are the “anti-prop”.  When set up on a field, they reflect the grass/turf in front of them, causing all your hidden flags/members to appear from thin air!

The props are constructed of 1 1/4″ heavy-duty foam core, with a thin metal mirror surface applied on one side.  The detachable prop stands are tubular metal and the supporting feet are able to pivot, so the stand can fit in a tight space in an equipment truck or room.  Each complete prop is light enough to be carried by one person (although we recommend two for stability’s sake.)


Asking $200 per prop, but price is negotiable.  Please contact Jordan for more details!

(Props are local pickup only unless other arrangements are made through Jordan and the Ascend office)

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