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The early years of drum corps was deeply rooted in military tradition. The Blue Knights were no different when they began in 1958. There were merits, demerits, ranks (i.e, Private, Corporal, Sergeant, Lieutenant, Captain, etc.), promotions and demotions. Part of the Blue Knights “military” history was “military” dog tags that contained important personal information stamped into the metal. Corps members were required to wear their dog tags when traveling with the corps and could not board the busses without them.

In the early 2000’s, the Alumni Association was looking for a keepsake to present to the age-outs. The decision was to give them dog tags as a reminder of the corps early “traditions”.

One side of the dog tag is engraved with the current BK logo and the other side is engraved with “I Go On”, the age-out’s name and age out year. The dog tags are proudly worn by the age-outs during their final marching season with the Blue Knights and many of them have found creative ways to display them while in uniform. Learn more about the history of the Blue Knights here.

NOTE:  The age out dog tag is available for Blue Knights age-outs ONLY.  (Either to replace a lost tag or for those who aged out before the tradition started but would like one.)  If you marched with Blue Knights but did not age out with the corps (having either gone to another corps or chose not to march your last year with BK) you are not eligible for a dog tag.  No refunds will be given if a dog tag is ordered for someone that doesn’t fit these criteria.

Age out dog tags are ordered twice a year.   Orders received 2/1 through 5/31 will be placed June 1st.  Orders received 6/1 through 1/31 will be placed February 1st.

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