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Blue Knights Enzo


Blue Knights Enzos for Performers

One of our Blue Knights traditions is the creation of an Enzo washer painted with that season’s distinct colors. Performing members can wear it on a necklace or put on display with the Blue Knights Age-Out dog tags. Our resident artist and Blue Knights alum, Ethan Goddard, has created this special item for our Blue Knights performers who would like to re-order additional or replacement Enzos.

PLEASE NOTE: All Enzos (except for “2016” and “Bahrain”) are currently in production.  You may place an order for an Enzo(s) and it will be on backorder until it comes in.

HISTORY: In 2013, the Blue Knights performed “NoBeginningNoEnd”. The show focused on many themes, chief of which was the circular aspect of the Enzo (ensō).

The Enzo represents enlightenment, learning, creative growth and freedom, as well as the journey you take from beginning to end. A closed Enzo shows perfection, the journey being complete, and the ultimate competitive goal of a summer of drum corps – to perform to the best of your ability in unity with others. An open Enzo can show how there is always room to develop further and personal growth.

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