Thank you for your interest in attending a Fall Blue Knights Percussion Ensemble BKXperience event! 

The Blue Knights Percussion Ensemble (WGI) is hosting 4 pre-season events this fall, culminating in our audition clinic.  The BKPE BKXperience Open Clinic will focus on technique and is open to any drummer looking to improve their skills, whether or not they’re planning on auditioning for the ensemble.  The Pre-Audition clinic will focus on the audition materials for the 2017 season, but is still open for anyone.  The Audition Clinic is primarily for those drummers looking for a spot with the 2017 Blue Knights Percussion Ensemble.

There is NO Audition Fee for BKPE in 2017.  All participants will pay the ONE-TIME BKPE Admin Fee (covers: administrative and database management of all participant records, BKPE BKXperience-Audition packet support, etc.)

This is a 3 step process:

  1. Complete the registration form below first and then…
  2. Pay for your BKXperience event you plan on attending second.  
  3. Pay for your ONE-TIME BKPE Admin Fee (for all participants of BKPE BKXperience-Audition clinics) to get audition materials third.

(NOTE: The links to BKXperience event payment is below the registration form!  Just “Add to Cart” and check out.)  

If you have any questions, please contact the office at:

STEP 1: Complete Form

STEPS 2 & 3: Pay ONE-TIME Admin Fee and Clinic Registration Fee